Technology is ever changing. Sometimes fun & very useful, other times difficult and time-consuming! As the world of computers, mobile devices, and the internet continues to grow, there are two things that people can count on… Nothing stays the same for long, but Peptronics can always help!


  • Convenience

    Catering to your schedule, technology, and location. Providing on-site visits to your work or home, in addition to 6 convenient office locations throughout the Twin Cities. Peptronics soars above the competition by offering house calls!  As more people are working from home & don’t have time to take their equipment into a shop to have it serviced, Peptronics helps its clients be more productive by coming to them!

  • Cost Effective

    Work and Solutions – reasonably priced help combined with price sensitive solutions for all of your PC and technology based needs.

  • Integrating Old & New

    Old computer? Conversion Issues? We’re well versed with all ages and types of technology.

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Need Training? Learn how we can help you take the SH out of IT.

Utilizing new technologies can be difficult, especially when installation, configuration, and understanding all combine to confuse. If you’re a business struggling to incorporate new technology into your day-to-day operations, then training could be the key to success.