Joey truly wants the best service, yielding the best results for his clients.  Anyone who is looking for a “hole-in-one technical professional”, Joey Pepka is your ace.

Joey Pepka has worked in the computer support industry for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University. In 1994, he paired his passion with the mechanism of technology and his vast skills to start his own IT support company, Peptronics. Joey’s extensive combined experience with the corporate world and technology gives him the knowledge to conduct daily business smoothly and professionally.

Joey works with micro businesses helping them operate effectively leveraging the use of technology. He assists companies’ that are paper heavy become less paper dependent. He aids in bringing his clients up-to-date with the latest email, fax, data filing systems and print options.

Joey developed a strategy to help companies eliminate repetitious tasks, call volumes, and office visits through strategically syncing company access to emails, calendars, social networking sites to their mobile devices.  Most importantly Peptronics uses preventative approaches in its computer maintenance to ensure a virus free and confidential work environment.

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Joey Pepka
Joey PepkaIT Expert
Extensive experience with both the corporate world and technology gives Joey the knowledge to conduct daily business smoothly and professionally.
Tech Knowledge 93%
Repair Skills 89%

These Are the IT Serivces We Provide Throughout the Twin Cities.



The Peptronics Repair services include: Computer Repair, Router and Firewall, Computer/Server Needs, Remote Administration, and Data Recovery for businesses in the Twin Cities.



Our Setup services include: Antivirus & Security Setup, Email Setup, In-Home Printer & Peripheral, Computer Setup & Configuration, In-Home Wireless Network, Cloud Computing, and Office 365



Peptronics technology installation services include but are not limited to: Operating System Install, Memory Install, Hardware Install, and Software Install for businesses around the Twin Cities.

Training The SH Out of IT.

Utilizing new technologies can be difficult, especially when installation, configuration, and understanding all combine to confuse. If you’re a business struggling to incorporate new technology into your day-to-day operations, then training could be the key to success.