Utilizing new technologies can be difficult, especially when installation, configuration, and understanding all combine to confuse. If you’re a micro business struggling to incorporate new technology into your day-to-day operations, then training could be the key to success.

At Peptronics, we specialize in helping small businesses understand and incorporate new technology into training programs. Whether you just upgraded hardware, software, or you’re looking to incorporate new technologies like IPAD into your daily routines – our professionals are here to help.

Here are a few of our technology training specialties:

Computer & Software Training

We understand it’s impossible to incorporate technologies into your business operations and use them efficiently without knowing how to operate them properly. As such, we offer full-service computer and software training on a variety of applications.

If your business is struggling to utilize a program you invested in, we can help you get the program integrated. Our staff will come to your place of business and train your employees on how to properly use the new programs and the advantages of doing so from a business perspective.

IPAD Configuration & Training

IPADS have recently taken off in the business world. The handheld tablets have significant computing power and can be used for a variety of applications. Many companies use them to make transactions, and others utilize IPADS as part of the sales process.  

No matter how you’re planning to use IPADs in the workplace, you’ll often be using an exterior application. Many employees may not be familiar with such a program, and this often causes individuals to avoid using them. With a little IPAD configuration and training from Peptronics, you can avoid any of that and have your employees utilizing the IPAD technology immediately.