If you’re a small business looking to leverage technology to improve operations, a system going down can be a tragedy. Just like dominos – if one system fails, your whole operation can go down.

Here at Peptronics, we understand this. We know that small and micro businesses can’t afford too much downtime. You need all facets of your technology functioning properly to turn the type of profits you require and desire. We’re a small business, too. We know every little thing matters. So we offer repair services for nearly every aspect of the technological side of your business. We strive to work efficiently and intelligently to have your business up and running correctly and quickly.

At Peptronics, we offer repair services, including:

Computer Repair

Computers are prone to breaking down. It’s just how things work. If you’re a large business, you’ll probably have an IT department to help you fix any and all of these issues. If you’re a micro business, then you need to find a computer repair specialist that can help you get up and running quickly. That’s what we do at Peptronics.

We offer numerous computer repair services, including:

  • Virus removal
  • Fixing cracked screens
  • Boot issues
  • Blue screen of death
  • Hardware problems
  • Networks issues

…And more!

Router and Firewall

Routers and firewalls aren’t so simple to set up. They’re even more difficult to fix once they start malfunctioning. At Peptronics, we specialize in fixing any and all router and firewall issues in an efficient manner. We’ll troubleshoot any firewall and router issues before finding the proper solution for your small business.

Computer/Server Needs

While we offer individual computer repair services, many small businesses experience server issues, too. If your server is malfunctioning or goes down, your business won’t be able to operate from a technological standpoint. You’ll need to fix the server before anything else can be taken care of. We understand the urgency of getting a server fixed quickly. If you’re having issues with your server, get in touch, and we’ll rush one of our server specialists over to get things up and running quickly.

Remote Administration

Often, we’ll need to utilize remote administration to fix your computer or server issues. Once granted access, we go into your system and find the underlying issues. Then we fix them for you without ever having to go on-site.

Data Recovery

Lost data is quite the liability when a computer or system goes down. There’s also a threat of cyber security to consider. No one wants to deal with stolen data and hackers. At Peptronics, we understand this and work diligently to recover any and all lost data a small business may incur.