Computer repairs are essential to keeping a small business up and running. When you’re just starting out or updating, you’ll probably have more interest in getting things setup correctly. Proactively setting up your systems and computers can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

At Peptronics, we understand that proper IT setup is incredibly important to keeping your micro business and technology running smooth. We take pride in creating systems, servers, and more that are built to last while keeping your business secure.

A few of our set up offering include:

Antivirus & Security Set Up

Cyber security is essential in this day and age. The number of businesses getting hacked each year is on the rise. Hackers and cyber criminals are adapting and evolving. You must protect your business. As such, we offer antivirus and security systems set up to keep your company safe.

Email Setup

Running a business requires more than just a Gmail account. You need an email address stemming from your domain name, along with a dedicated server and interface. No matter which provider you choose, we can help you set email up properly and provide you with the integration you require.

In-Home Printer & Peripheral

While the vast majority of business today is conducted in digital formats, there’s still a need to print things out now and then. If your industry requires a lot of printing, then it’s imperative to set up an in-home or in-office printer that covers your needs in a cost efficient manner. We offer solutions that can help you do just that.

Computer Setup & Configuration

Setting up one, a couple dozen, or hundreds of computers with proper configurations and software is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for proper computer setup and configuration, then we’re here to help. Our efficient configuration process will ensure you’re up and running rapidly.

In-Home Wireless Network

Running your micro business from home can be simple, but you may need to set up an efficient, powerful in-home wireless network. Many businesses require more than a simple Wi-Fi connection. If that’s you, then Peptronics is here to help you set up and configure a powerful wireless network in your home.

Cloud Computing

The cloud has taken over the business world. You no longer need storage space on your devices and network to save things. The cloud is all that’s required. If you utilize cloud services or would like to, Peptronics can help you set up security measures and more involving the cloud.

Office 365

If you use Microsoft Office 365, then you may need configuration and integration services. Our expert staff at Peptronics can help you find the perfect manner to integrate Office 365 into your business.