Installing systems, hardware, software, and the like can be quite the process. While companies sell systems and software that’s supposedly simple to install, the reality is rarely as easy as claimed. As such, professional help can be a good idea when changing or installing systems.

Enter Peptronics. Here we offer professional system installs, memory installs and upgrades, hardware and software installs. Our professional staff is here to help your small business succeed with modern day technologies.

Here are a few of our installation offerings:

Operating System Install

Changing or installing a new operating system for your computers can be more difficult than anticipated. One small mistake can do a significant amount of damage. As such, working with the professionals here at Peptronics can ensure you avoid disaster. We can properly install your new operating system and leave your small business worry-free.

Memory Install

Computers can be finicky. If your computer doesn’t have enough memory space, then there’s a decent chance it isn’t operating correctly. Eventually, you’ll need more memory, and most computers allow you to install more. However, you can do a lot of damage to your computer if you don’t install more memory correctly. That’s where we come in. We can help you install more memory on your PC or Mac without damaging any of the other systems on the computer.

Hardware Install

Instead of buying new computers, many companies opt to install new hardware or components. From graphics cards to hard drives, printers, scanners, and more – we install the new hardware and make sure everything is functioning exactly as it should. We can install, configure, and ensure all the components of the hardware are working how you company needs them to.

Software Install

Installing software applications can get tricky from time to time, especially when dealing with dozens of computers at once. As such, our company may seek professional help. That’s where we come in at Peptronics. We’re here to help you correctly install, set up, and configure software on any and all computers you require.